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January 2, 2013

3 Questions Answered: Nebraska

  1. Can we stop their running game? Well, they got their rushing yards, but the vast majority of their yards were on traditional running plays instead of the QB improvising, so there is that. For about a quarter and a half in the middle of the game, it did look like we would just be run over by them as the game wore on, but our defense stepped it up in the start of the 4th quarter. As a result, the Huskers didn't have any scoring drives after opening second half drive.
  2. Will our offense be our best defense? The 4:39 drive late in the 4th quarter was a great example of this. However, we ended up with the quick strike offense that I was convinced we'd go away from. In fact, early, with the wildcat and pistol, I thought that was exactly what we were trying to do. Instead, we ended up getting Gurley 23 touches and 127 yards. None were as awesome as the 24 yard run from the Wildcat, though. Overall, the key stat to me is Georgia had 8.3 yards per offensive play to Nebraska's 5.6. We were able to matriculate the ball at key times when they stalled.
  3. What effect does Nebraska's loss in the B1.5G championship game have on the Huskers? Well, they held Georgia to 25 fewer points than they did Wisconsin, so there is that.
It turned into a shootout, mostly thanks to the interception return for a touchdown and the middle of the game defensive lapses. Overall, it was a good win for Richt, Murray and the Dawgs.



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