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January 5, 2013

Blantant Homerism's take on Oklahoma's program...and coaching

Dawg fans, take a read. Sounds familiar? I've long thought the only thing different between Stoops and Richt is the number of conference titles and a national championship, a counter argument when ever someone starts with the 'I'd take Stoops in a second' argument.

What struck me was this passage:
That all starts with a coach who’s supremely confident in both himself and his methods. Stoops is stubborn to the point of arrogance and acutely dismissive of criticism. He has every right to be that way, because when you step back and look at his career as a whole, it’s hard to argue against him.
Is Mark Richt still that coach or have the changes we've seen over the past two plus years indicate he's moved past being that coach? To put it another way, did what we see after the South Carolina game and have seen in coaching/personnel decisions during games indicate Richt might be confident in himself and his methods, but is able to recognize when and what he need's to adjust?

There are plenty of folks in Norman wishing Stoops would do so.



Alkaline said...

I think a growing change in Richt's attitude has been very apparent over the last two years. For one, the reserved "annoyance" that he now uses to respond to rude reporters and poorly-officiated plays is something almost entirely new (and welcome).

I don't think he's compromised his core values, but he's willing to do what he needs to in order to get things done more effectively now. He knows he's doing a good job, and screw you if you can't see it, basically.

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