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January 4, 2013

Dawgs to face George Washington tonight

Is it a winnable game? Sure. GWU comes in at 6-6, with a schedule that looks a lot like Georgia's, with losses to strong Notre Dame and Kansas State teams, as well as a baffling home loss to Youngstown State. They aren't particularly good at anything but rebounding (40th in the country), thanks in large part to Isaiah Armwoods play. One other thing, Armwood hasn't taken but two three point shots all season, both with time expiring on the game or shot clocks.

(Image: @Bassindawg)
Is it a losable game? Sure. GWU has shown flashes of brilliance and gave 9-3 Rutgers and 10-2 Kansas State all they could handle, including coming back from double digit second half deficits, before the Knights and Wildcats put them away by three points. Armwood plays smart, grabs a ton of rebounds, leads the Colonials in scoring and blocked shots, and does not foul often.

So, shut down Armwood and Georgia wins, right? You'd think, but we need to play tough and careful offensive ball. Neme needs to be effective not awful down low, particularly when he is guarded by Armwood. GWU has a Serbian forward, Nemanja Mikic, who isn't afraid to get physical, and had a decent outside shot to compliment his game. With Marcus Thornton out indefinitely after knee surgery, it'll be on Neme to replicate his success against FAMU, but against a bigger front.

We'll have a good match up on KCP, but if the other four on the floor struggles, particularly down low, Armwood is the kind of player that will allow a team to double team a guard and dare folks to score from inside the lane.  Having the Pope of Podgrica back would be a very nice surprise going into SEC play.



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