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January 24, 2013

Dawgs win first half, but lose game against Florida

If you want to talk about moral victories, perhaps the first half of basketball the Dawgs played last night was their best half all season. They shot 50% from the field, including 6-11 from behind the arc, and only allowed Florida, with their size and speed, two trips to the FT line. Do that for a full game and Georgia has a chance against a more talented and better coached team like Florida.

Alas, talent and coaching matter, and Florida showed that in the second half. They outscored the Dawgs 40-20. Georgia only shot 31% in the second half. Florida was finding open looks everywhere, shooting 50% (7-11 on 3s). The Dawgs only took one 3pt shot in the second half. And it wasn't like there was some sort of fluky turnover thing in the second half, other than Georgia's patented slow second half start (outscored 21-4) Nope, Florida just played 20 points better than Georgia.

Hey, but at least we aren't LSU.

Dawgs take on Texas A&M Saturday at 6pm on FSN in College Station.



Anonymous said...

The only reason this game didn't end up exactly like the game in Gaiesville is because all but one of UF's players slept through the first half. Even then, we were only up 3 at half and, just like the last time we played them, we failed to even break 50 points.

By the way, LSU beat A&M yesterday so we are tied for dead last again. The worst thing about this program isn't how bad this years team is, it's how little hope we have for the future. Mark Fox has got to go at the end of the season.

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