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January 10, 2013

Florida is a basketball school, though

Which is what those of us that aren't are resorted to saying....

Gators manhandle the Dawgs 77-44 in Gainesville. There are so many stories that point to why Georgia lost, it is easier to say that the only time Georgia looked competitive in this one was during warmups. Putting aside the obvious talent difference, Florida is a team that will absolutely pick your offense to death and force you to play perfect basketball to be able to stay in the gym with them.

We aren't coached or built for that kind of precision.

The good news is that we've gotten our toughest road game out of the way. The bad news is that we still have Florida again, as well as @ Missouri and Texas A&M, and LSU before we get out of January. Even Mississippi State doesn't look like a win now after their road win last night at South Carolina.



Anonymous said...

that game was in Starkville

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