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January 29, 2013

Goodbye, Dr. Sams

You may not know it, but Dr. Ferrol Sams was every bit the story teller that Lewis Grizzard was. While Grizzard captured they way we approached life in his humor, Dr. Sams did so in a way that used more esoteric and intellectual descriptive of white Southern life. In a way, his voice was the ying to Lewis' yang for a certain subset of Georgians.

He passed away at the age of 90 this week.

When I first read Run with the Horsemen, it was apparent this man had a great grasp on a way of life many of us had heard about from our grandparents. He also managed to do so without romanticism of some things or obfuscating others. In short, he captured what it was like for a farm boy to go to college without making light of or short selling the (now obvious) shortcomings of Georgia's society from the times he is writing about.

Take the opportunity to read his books. You'll not be sorry for doing so.



Pvt. Daniel D. Farbecker said...

I graduate from Mercer University and was a KA there (as was Sambo). His grandson and I were pledge brothers.

Shortly after I graduated, the twin towers were attacked and we forever remember 9/11.

The struggle I went through after that was eerily similar to what he fought with during WWII--continue with schooling or serve my country.

"When All The World Was Young" ranks second on my list of the greatest books I've ever read. I swear it was written just for me--at a time when I needed for someone to understand what I was going through.

Rest in Piece Dr. Sams.

Anonymous said...

My favorite author. I can read RWTH, WOTR and WATWWY over and over.

A modern day Tom Sawyer.

RIP, Sambo.

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