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January 23, 2013

Grantham staying?

Green isn't his color
(Image: Hipple)
It is being rumored that 49ers DB coach Ed Donatell is a likely candidate for the open DC job in Philadelphia that Todd Grantham and Kirby Smart have been rumored to be candidates for. Due to NFL rules (or something), the Eagles can't officially talk to Donatell until their season is over, which won't be until sometime in the evening of February 3rd.

If there is radio silence, other than rumors percolating about Donatell, that could be the reason. Of course, there is another reason for the lack of movement, that being National Signing Day. It is not unusual for pro teams to wait until after national signing day to hire away a coordinator from a school. For what it is worth, it is helpful to both the college and pro teams to have a DC wait, as it doesn't disrupt recruiting and puts those pro organizationals in good stead with talent rich college programs.

Is that what is going on with the Eagles and Smart/Grantham? Not sure. I've felt all along Kelly would/should pursue a current guy with pro team to be his DC. It wouldn't surprise me, at all, that the Donatell thing is real.



Crohnkiller said...

It's also reported by Howard eskin in Philly, donatell isn't a candidate. He also thinks Grantham is the guy and they're just waiting till after NSD. Look him up in twitter, @howardeskin. And another thing he looked ok in Cleveland brown but not midnight green? Come on now

Tyler Dawgden said...

I have no doubt he'll do ok in the NFL if he goes. I just doubt that CTG is Kelly's top choice.

Anonymous said...

I hope he goes. He ought to get fired after all the talent we had on our D this year. We gave up 350 rushing yards to bama. thats inexcusable.

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