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January 17, 2013

Grantham to the Eagles?

Is it a step in the direction he wants to go? Probably. He wants to be a head football coach. Will he get more money? Absolutely. The Eagles will be willing to pay him somewhere above $1.5M to be DC. Will he get the kind of control over his decisions he wants?

I think the real question is will he be willing to do so if he is just the DC and has little input on the personnel  ect. he gets and puts on the field. Much was made over Garner leaving and his alleged disagreements with Grantham over personnel. Grantham loves that part of coaching. Would he give up that to be DC in the NFL?

What if the Dawgs come back and offer him Monte Kiffin money ($1.4M or so) and Associate Head Coach/HC in waiting? Not saying that will happen, but what if? Should McGarity do that?

How would doing so impact the relationship with Bobo?

Just a couple of thoughts.


Anonymous said...

Head coach in waiting???? Ha. His defense has underperformed 67% of the time he's been here.

Anonymous said...

Amen, fully agree with underperformed comment.

Tyler Dawgden said...

So you both want him to go, then?

Anonymous said...

Losing Grantham wouldn't be the big some think.The UGA defense was 6th in the SEC.We held 1 good team under 30 pts twice in the 3 years he has been at UGA.The dude is overrated.

Anonymous said...

Fuck all of you losers.......How about 5 yds short! Roll Tide all over that Dawg ass

Baker's Dozen said...

Haha, you gumper. Remember that you live in Alabama. All you have is football and your sister. Get over yourself.

Anonymous said...

No Tyler, I don't want him gone. I just want his defense to get better so the offense doesn't have to score 40 a game to win. Bobo is a heckuva lot better head coaching candidate than CTG.

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