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January 22, 2013

SEC Hoops Power Poll ballot, Jan 21

The only thing for sure is that the Gator are asserting themselves as THE best team in the conference...and possibly the nation.

  1. Florida - Not just the best team in the conference right now.
  2. Ole Miss - Keep on winning. Looks like the folks in Oxford has a legit NCAA caliber team on their hands.
  3. Mizzou - Gave Florida a few minutes of tough basketball bracketed by 17 minutes of beat down on either side.
  4. Kentucky - No doubt there aren't 5 first rounders on this team, right?
  5. Alabama - Alabama looking more and more like an NIT team.
  6. Texas A&M - A&M looking more and more like an NIT bubble team.
  7. Arkansas - Is the CBI good enough for 'Hog fans?
  8. Tenneessee - I don't know what to do with the Vols. On one hand, they are good enough to beat any team above them. On the other, they are inconsistent enough to lose to any team below them.
  9. Vandy - Good job. Good effort.
  10. Miss state - Yeah, so about that hot start...
  11. South Carolina - The 'Frank Martin, Basketball Savior' tour continues...
  12. Auburn - This is the Auburn basketball team we were waiting to see.
  13. UGA - Hey, a conference win. Look for Fox to get an extension.
  14. lsu - The tigers don't deserve capitalization.


Bernie said...

You have lsu too high.

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