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January 28, 2013

SEC Hoops Power Poll Ballot, Week of Jan 27th

My ballot:

  1. Florida - The Gators are so much better than the rest of the conference that they face the real possibly of losing a 2 seed just because of how bad the rest of the conference is.
  2. Ole Miss - They'll only go as far as their shooting allows. That means they could be an Elite 8 team or they could end up losing to Lehigh in the first round as a 5 seed.
  3. Missouri - After the beat down by Florida, the Tigers are firmly ensconced as the third best team in the conference, with no real hope of moving up.
  4. Alabama - Welcome to the bubble, we've got fun and games.
  5. Texas A&M - Going backwards faster than the Republican Party.
  6. Kentucky - Good news for the Wildcats. LSU is coming to town.
  7. Arkansas - There is a good joke somewhere here about Mike Anderson turning down the Georgia job after losing to South Carolina by 20.
  8. Auburn - YOU MAD, BRO?
  9. Vandy - A watershed week awaits the Commodores if Stallings' team is to make any sort of post-season tourney.
  10. Tennessee - Not sure what is going on with the Vols. On one hand, there is talent there. On the other, they just can't seem to put the pieces together.
  11. Georgia - A road win for the Dawgs against a more talented team. Who knows what craziness Georgia will pull next?
  12. South Carolina - By whipping the crap out of Arkansas, the Gamecocks prove that teams 7-12 are just the same teams in different jerseys.
  13. LSU - Well, they are better than Mississippi State right now.
  14. Mississippi State - Yeah, but I bet Rick Stansbury would be 6-11 right now.


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