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February 5, 2013

Breathe, Tyler: National Signing Day Again

I keep telling myself that. Breathe.

This time last year, there were a number of guys we I thought we were in on that ended up not coming to Georgia. Let me refresh you:

Dalvin Tomlinson - Signed with Alabama. Blew out knee last spring playing soccer; red shirt this season
Jaquay Williams - Chose Auburn, didn't qualify; Did Fork Union and then committed to Texas A&M
Josh Harvey-Clemons - Chose UGA; played for the Dawgs in all 14 games
Brandon Greene - Chose Alabama; redshirt
Josh Dawson - Chose Georgia; played in 13 of 14 games
Cordarrelle Patterson - Chose Tennessee; had big year and will go to the NFL this draft
Avery Young - Chose Auburn; Starter early in season and got injured

Out of that group, three were offensive linemen. I thought Avery Young was the only one who was going to definitely sign with Georgia, but we were in the game for several big Oline signees. We got none of those guys. 

I'm pretty disappointed at the potential loss of Tunsil, Adams and others. However, as the above list shows, no matter how much we 'thought' someone was coming, there are defections. Does it matter when the defection occurs? No. If a guy isn't coming to Athens, he isn't coming to Athens. In my mind, calling anything an epic fail requires completely whiffing on everyone. Or the 2010 offensive signing class, generally. 

Otherwise, it feels an awful lot like we are disrespecting the guys that are very talented and have decided to accept the offer to become Georgia Bulldogs. 

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