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February 19, 2013

Carvell throws down a gauntlet



dawgontap said...

Yeah, well it's pretty ironic that a guy that says he's a journalist but spends most of his time putting out timed twitter blasts that you have to hear over and over AAAAND a guy that pretty much copy and pastes other people's work and uses them as the basis of almost all his "WORK" is calling anyone out about lack of work ethic.

Russell said...

I wish we, the entire Dawgnation, would stop listening to or reacting to this tool. Just unfollow him and stop clicking on his news stories.

Paul Westerdawg said...

Shockingly, I agree with him.

You know why we have Spring Practice limits based on # of days, weeks and total practice sessions? Because other coaches knew if left to his own devices, Bear Bryant would have his kids practicing all year and out work them.

So in this modern example: Why would an assasin like Saban or Meyer be against these new recruiting rules?

Take Saban and his 20 person "Operations" staff to the logical extreme for this rule.

Imagine Bama hiring a 20 person offshore marketing team who's entire job is to reach out to HS kids via social media channels. They could literally run 24x7 shop for outreach to kids.

Ignoring the extreme, he could also now assign every coach and administrator with the job of reaching out to kids at least X times per day or week. There's nothing keeping the Swim Coach from helping him recruit football players.

It's simply a question of power, resources and will power. Saban and Bama have unlimited access to 2 of those things and near unlimited access to resources.

We don't have the appetite for that.

As I said...shockingly, Carvell is right.

dawgontap said...

If Saban just hires 10 more guys than we do, is he really out "working" UGA? Is he really out "working" the staff and Richt? Or is he just given all the resources he needs and then some? Our AA is now up to $80 million.

Saying our STAFF is getting outworked is goofy. It's not a shock that if you can "STEELE" away a BCS bowl school's coach to come be a "staff member" that does nothing but recruit and isn't considered a coach, that may do a better job. If you pay for 5 recruiting services and UGA only employees 1 recruiting service (not Rivals, etc, but professional recruiting services used by college teams) that you might find more kids. It's true that if you just plain get more shots in the chamber by signing 95 kids when you only have room for 85 every year...that you'll get more good players.

That isn't getting outworked, PWD...that's getting outspent and outsleezed.

Having all those built in advantages....5 yards....5 yards.

KCDawg said...

Just because you don't agree with the new rules doesn't mean you are afraid of them.

Allowing Bear Bryant to work and practice his kids all year long wasn't a good idea then, just as these new rules aren't a good idea now. Most things need to have some form of regulation to ensure that some "hardworking" jackass doesn't go over the line.

The recruits were already getting too many calls/visits/texts/etc. under the old rules. Now we are going to up the ante by allowing even more people to contact them with unlimited texts followed by social media? They aren't celebrities making millions of dollars, they're high school kids who may (or may not) have the ability to play sports in college. This amount of personal invasion is crazy.

I have a 16 year old son who plays two sports in high school. Between those two (including summer ball), he played 90 games and attended approximately 120 two+ hour practices)in the last year... and that's not including individual lessons/training, summer morning weightlifting or off-season "voluntary" workouts for basketball. All that's in addition to maintaining his grades and trying to have some semblance of a social life.

And as hard as he works, it isn't in the same league as his friends that play football... including their daily 5 hour "voluntary" workouts/practices throughout the summer.

So, again I have to say that just because you're a coach or administrator who doesn't like these new rules, doesn't mean that you are afraid of them.

All that said, if they stay in place (as I fully expect them to) we have to figure out a way to be successful within them. That means putting the people and resources in place to make that happen.

Anonymous said...

That POS is the most laughably blatant baiter they've had since Terrence... I just hope more and more Georgia folks stop giving his childish articles the hits that he and his awful employer so desperately crave.

I get a post like this, it's easy to see and want to laugh at what a dbag he is... but it isn't helping, because it just gives him the attention he's seeking.

Anonymous said...

There should be limits on recruiting. This is just going in the direction of making the process even more exploitative. High school kids should get to be just

Anonymous said...

Carvell maybe right, but he still is a douche biscuit.

Paul Westerdawg said...

KCDawg - I don't agree with the new rules. I'm just saying that the complaints are mostly driven by people who know what Saban will do with the rules and they have zero interest in putting that effort into it.

Paul Westerdawg said...


Why do you think Saban has those extra people? Because he uses all of his political capital for 1 purpose. Moving his football program forward.

Mark Richt used his political capital to protect Van Halanger, Martinez, Janeck and Fabris.

Had CMR wanted more resources when he had the juice he would've gotten them.

He was told "no" only once when he had juice. He asked for an IPF and was told no...BUT he was told they would give him several other things on his list instead.

Once he lost his power base due to underperforming on the field...he asked for more S&C resources and was told no...partially because he wanted DVH to run the program. That would've been throwing good money after bad.

Saban doesn't fight for his cronies. Saban fights to win.

And that is working hard and smart.

Smarter and harder than our guy is working.

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