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February 16, 2013

Dawgs travel to Oxford to take on Ole Miss

Tip is 7pm Eastern on ESPN2. After losing on Tuesday night to Alabama, the Dawgs stand at 12-12 and are 6-5 in the conference. That has us tied for 6th with Arkansas.

Ole Miss has cooled off after starting 6-0 in the conference. The key to beating the Rebs is simple: make them do something other than us their inside-out game to shred your defense. Marshall Henderson is averaging nearly 20 ppg and Holloway is at nearly 15ppg. Their defense isn't particularly great, in the bottom four of the conference in points allowed, but that is as much a product of their up tempo offensive style as Georgia ppg allowed is a product of our opposite style.

For Georgia to win, we have to keep that plodding style of offense and make Ole Miss get frustrated and start forcing bad shots to maintain their tempo. We also can not, in any circumstance, try to get into their style. That is the recipe for a 25 point blow out.



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