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February 15, 2013

Hartman Fund football cut off today

That is today, y'all. So, get your donations in.

I'd like to say I could estimate the level of giving it would take to ensure getting new season tickets, but that is just a crap shoot. The level has gone down over the past few years (from $10K+ required to get new season tickets in 2008 to $500 last year) for new tickets. Remember, if you make the minimum required donation, you will receive tickets, regardless of what the new ticket level is. I'd venture a guess that number will trend up a bit, possibly to as much as 1K points, due to the back to back good seasons and improving economy.

As for away tickets, nearly everyone that ordered them got them last year. Auburn was the only game that it took a big cumulative score, around 22K points, to get tickets. BTW, that would put you in the top 30% of all Hartman Fund donors. For Georgia-Florida, the number remained around 8K points for tickets.

I have no idea about the new alumni ticket program and how they will handle that, but with no donation required, at least for the most recent grads, today shouldn't matter.


(all figured taken from the Hartman Fund brochure)


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