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February 3, 2013

Hoop Dawgs go on 3 game win streak

First time since 2002 with a three game conference winning streak later than the OOC schedule. Well, except for the tornado tourney.

Dawgs win by getting production from Kenny Gaines and John Cannon. [insert KCP's normal 19 points sentence here]. While this win wasn't unexpected, it is good to continue to win the games we should be winning. This game had the makings of a let down, since we rarely play well in Columbia (or anywhere on the road). Getting the win here is a big deal.

We'll know if this resurgence is for real in Knoxville on Wednesday. The Vols offer a much tougher match-up  They have played tough defense and actually look a lot like Georgia, trying to slow the game down and win by making your opponent disinterested in doing anything than wishing they'd taken up soccer limiting possessions and hoping to have a higher shooting percentage. They have struggled shooting the ball, but are a pretty good rebounding team, so the guys down low have their work cut out for them.



Mr. Sanchez said...

We had a 3 game winning streak in 06-07. SC, Vandy, then Newman's buzzer beater at Arkansas. The TV announcers were wrong.

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