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February 13, 2013

Mark Richt can't recruit thugs as good as Nick Saban can

Of course, that is a joke. But it is hard to read this article from the Alabama student newspaper about one of the instances where football players treated one of their fellow students like [fill in your favorite Notre Dame getting smacked around joke]. I'm glad the kid is ok, but I have to wonder, how much would the national media be all over Athens if you substituted 'East Campus Village' for 'Paty Hall' and the players names were Drew, Rome, Swann, and Burrows?

The charges themselves are pretty serious, but can you image the hue and cry over the thug lifestyle? The message board hysteria over the character issues? Stingtalk?

Can you image the AJC's response?

Of course, it isn't hard to imagine what the student is going (or about to go) through:
“This was just a matter of chance. I’m still gonna love Alabama football. I just want to deal with this case, move on with my life,” Jurgens said. “I just want to get on with my education. I want to continue being happy here. I was happy here before, and I will continue being happy here.”
I'm betting he has heard more than one comment from people who are suggesting the whole thing might be better off if it went away.

Speaking of message boards, I'm pretty sure somewhere on a Georgia board, someone is going to post some asinine comment about how we aught to go after that type of player, because, you know, Saban has won all those championships.



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