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February 3, 2013

Obligatory Tunsil Post

Please go read this first.

Then remember we haven't lost any thing we didn't have....if, of course, we actually lost it.

Would I love to see him wearing red and black? Of course. By all appearances, Ole Miss hasn't done anything illegal or that other schools, including Georgia, hasn't done in the past. Should Georgia approach Tunsil with something that might help him think about Athens along the lines of the rumors that are out there? I guess that is open for debate. 

But I just prefer to panic after the fact. For my money, I think the dead period will benefit Georgia. As it stands right now, we have a number of very good athletes on campus as early enrollees. We'll know this week how else this class comes along, but I don't get the panic over a guy that was only a rumor lean in the first place.

Besides, the only movie ever about a left tackle was about an Ole Miss left tackle. That is a hard thing to recruit against, ya know.



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