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February 11, 2013

SEC Hoops Power Poll Ballot, Week of Feb 10th

Well, Florida lost one. So did everyone else but Kentucky and Georgia. The Mississippi State race to the bottom of the RPI continues.
  1. Florida - The loss at Arkansas wasn't nearly as big as the loss of Yeguete. We'll see just how good the Gators are when they have to improvise on defense.
  2. Kentucky - Not exactly optimal for Calipari's young squad to have to go to Gainesville when Donovan has a couple things to motivate with.
  3. Missouri - The Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde award winner for the season. I'm still picking them to lose to Mississippi State, since the game is on the road.
  4. Ole Miss - Someone guard Marshall Henderson or he'll end up Pope.
  5. Alabama - [insert Nick Saban doesn't have time for the NIT joke here]
  6. Georgia - Quietly playing their way into post season discussion. They are two baffling losses (Youngstown and Miss State) from being an NCAA bubble team.
  7. Arkansas - If the Razorbacks could get all of their games within walking distance of a Doe's Eat Place, I'd bet on them to be a final four team.
  8. Texas A&M - What goes up, must come down.
  9. Tennessee - It almost feels like Buzz Peterson is coaching this bunch.
  10. LSU - The only way they'd have an interesting game was if Les Miles live Twittered it.
  11. Vandy - Frankly, I'm surprised we haven't heard more Kevin Stallings dropping MF-bomb stories this season.
  12. Auburn - The Tigers have already assured themselves of a higher winning percentage than their football team this season.
  13. South Carolina - I bet Frank Martin wishes he'd gotten better marks for playing well with others at Kansas State now.
  14. Mississippi State - Meanwhile, on Sean Peyton's yacht in the Bahamas, Rick Stansbury has just ordered another piƱa colada and put another pin in his Scott Striklin voodoo doll.


Drew Williams said...

Doe's is amazing. I'll be distracted the rest of the day. *buys plane ticket*

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