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February 7, 2013

Signing Day

Overall, we did a good job filling needs. I know the offensive line was an important place and we very much could have used another big guy there, but with Kublanow, Seymour, Bynum, and Cardiello we added some depth. We needed depth at RB, which we got with several of the athletes we signed (for my money, Turman and JJ Green both end up having pretty big careers at RBs).

We did a great job with the defensive backfield players. We signed our QB of the future. We got quick, tall WRs for Ramsey to throw to. I think Rumph plays this year and has an impact.
We flipped a guy who has potential to make an impact this season on the defensive line in Bellamy.

Yes, we missed on the splashy late minute signee. Yes, we missed on the five star guys in state. Hey, we lost Nkemdeche when we lost the lottery to which school his brother visited first two years ago...and when we had potential All-Americans at his chosen position, meaning he would wait to play. Love Coach Richt or hate him, he isn't one to sugar coat or lie to a kid about playing time. We lost Adams for the same reason we were in on Adams, Rodney Garner's ability to convince him about what type of defensive set he'd be best in. We lost Tunsil because we have academic standards that his girlfriend couldn't meet. We lost Foster by the grace of God.


(the above was brought to you by ESPN and AJC's narratives)

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Farsider said...

If any credence at all is given to player and star rankings, then yes, Georgia's failure at landing a decent number of these athletes is glaring and any efforts to dismiss that is just spin.

BUT. If Georgia were going to have a "down" year in recruiting in-state, this would be the year---when the state produced a record amount of talent to pick from. Clearly Georgia brought in a huge class from all over which addressed key needs. It was not a disaster. The disaster is on North Ave.

Anonymous said...

Very good class, just had to deal with the "Me" guys rejecting us on national TV, which was a distraction from a quality group.
I do think Kublanow will be a beast.

Anonymous said...

Just remember... Isaiah Crowell was a 5-star recruit.

It's all good talk for the winter. Let's see what happens when they get these guys on the field. Maybe they will do better with a bunch of 3-stars that want to bust their butts and play as a team than 5-star divas! (jus' sayin'!)

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