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March 4, 2013

SEC Hoops Power Poll, Week of March 3rd

  1. Florida - Getting Yeguete back is huge. We'll know just how much this year's Gators are ready for the NCAAs when they go to Rupp this weekend.
  2. Missouri - A sexy dark horse pick going into the SEC tournament, the Tigers need to play more disciplined defense if they are to do anything other than show up for the NCAA tourney.
  3. Kentucky - Even Cal doesn't know what to expect from his team. How am I, a mere blogger, supposed to say anything sage?
  4. Alabama - The Tide needs a strong SEC tournament showing to be assured of not suffering through another miserable Selection Sunday.
  5. Ole Miss - Go home, Ole Miss. You're drunk.
  6. Tennessee - Still happy for Georgia to be Reasons 1 and 1A for the Vols going from 'sexy bubble pick' to 'what were we thinking.'
  7. Arkansas - The Razorbacks can show they have postseason potential by showing up against Mizzou this week. Based on this year's history, take the Tigers.
  8. Georgia - Young Dawgs are showing heart after a tough road trip. Still, they could finish tied for 4th or having to play the first night of the SEC tournament. They have the toughest closing week in the conference (vs. UK, @'Bama), to boot.
  9. LSU - A tough closing week for LSU. They are in danger of having to play the opening night of the SEC tourney.
  10. Texas A&M - Has their been a more disappointing team in the SEC this season, I mean besides those three clown shows at the bottom?
  11. Vandy - I could make the argument that Vandy should be 8th, but of the teams ranked 6-11, they have had the most luck of any team.
  12. Mississippi State - NOT NUMBER 14! NOT NUMBER 14! NOT NUMBER 14!
  13. South Carolina - [insert Frank Martin hates America line here]
  14. Auburn - Kind of beautiful symmetry that Toomer's Oaks, the football team, and the basketball team all have been dug up and carted off this year.
As it stands, the SEC is a three bid league. It is going to take some serious last week/conference tourney mojo for Ole Miss or Alabama to play their way into the tourney. Hell, Kentucky could be on the bubble before this is over with.



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