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March 6, 2013

Shut up Big Blue

With Kentucky coming to town tomorrow, we are faced with the same problem that every other team in the conference not named Florida or Tennessee faces: How many of the open seats will be bought up by the Big Blue Nation? I don't begrudge UK fans the right to buy those seats. I don't begrudge them showing up by the thousands.

I begrudge our fans for letting it happen. While fan apathy is a windmill to tilt at another day, let me say this: the only place a UK fan can't buy a ticket is in the student section. While we've had a couple of strong student showings this season, what happened with Tennessee was not good. On top of only having 500 or so students there, when a group got any noise making started, the rest just kind of idly sat by texting or snap chatting or updating instagram.

It was embarrassing.

Our alumni don't support basketball enough. That is an institutional problem that the AD has to address by means at his disposal. We won't have a 5th cavalry of alumni and other fans showing up to keep Stegeman from being infiltrated by clowns wearing blue sweatshirts tomorrow. We do have 30K students who can get into the game for $2 that live within 5 miles of Stegeman. I have full faith that a packed student section, along with the other Georgia fans that bother to show up, can mostly drown out the 4K+ Kentucky fans that will show up.

The only role Georgia has right now is playing spoiler to other SEC teams' NCAA hopes. We have nearly singlehandedly popped Tennessee's bubble. Beating Kentucky may well do the same to the Wildcats. With Noel out, the match up is far more favorable. Getting behind the Dawgs and turning Stegeman into a true home court for them helps make it even more so.

Tip is 7pm.


AntiJorts said...

When I was there from 2006-2010, the students showed up for big games. When we played Tennessee, Florida, and Ketucky...the student section was packed and loud. I remember showing up at least an hour before tip and we would have the place rockin. What happened? It's not like the Felton years were any better...

JaxDAWG said...

I want to beat Kentucky for no other reason than Ashley Judd is a fan. I hate that bitch.

Anonymous said...

UK often has 3-4K in Knoxville. Of course thats mitigated by the large arena. Back in the 90's when TN's program looked like ours now UK could get 8K in Knoxville.

I've been quick to get upset with UGA coaches in the last 6 or 7 years as our overall athletic record had really slipped. But I want Mark Fox to get every one of the 6 years on his contract. I do believe he is laying a solid foundation and is going to graduate a lot of players. I like him a lot and this team, despite its flaws, plays their asses of every night. They deserve a good crowd vs. UK and it would be nice to see some AL dawgs show up in Tuscaloosa and Nashville. There are plenty of tix available to both.

Also going to Gwinnett Arena for the Lady Dawgs. Its been many years since a Landers team has had a good postseason. He always used to play one of the toughest schedules. Thats not true anymore with the lack of big OOC competition and the slipping of the SEC. His teams are now consistently unprepared for the postseason. Don't let the 20 win seasons fool you!

Paul Westerdawg said...

There might be 2k UK fans there. No way 4k.

Tyler Dawgden said...

We'll see. If 1500 Tennessee fans can come over the mountain in the snow to see the Vols play....

Anonymous said...

The fact that there are still tickets available makes me think it will be closer to 2k Wildcat fans. Being on a weeknight will stifle them somewhat. Saturdays when Kentucky is rolling is when Stegeman has been the most taken over.

I'll estimate attendance around 8K Dawg fans, 2,200 Kentucky fans.

Tyler Dawgden said...

I'd be ECSTATIC with 8K UGA fans. Depending on the student showing, it'll be 8K announced with 3000 being UK fans.

We get a full student house, it'll push 9000 announced.

Anonymous said...

Create a program worth supporting. I wouldn't support the football program either if it were as bad as the basketball program.

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