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March 24, 2013

Spring Practice

Like the past few springs (and like many of my fellow bloggers), I can't get too worked up over Spring Practice. We've gotten the standard fare of S&C is working, new guys are catching up, OMG!1! the defense (both worried and hopeful), and hype.

However, there are a few things that I'm interested in seeing this Spring.

  • Hutson Mason's development. Getting dengue fever during spring break isn't going to help short term, but I was very nervous about what would happen if we needed a QB substitution in an important game situation last Fall. I'm very firmly not in the 'Mason aught to get a chance' camp, but I have more faith in his ability to come in and handle a game situation than anyone else on the side line, should that need arise. That actually goes double with Murray talking about losing a bit more weight and running more.
  • Spring Break Shenanigans. So far nothing, other than dengue fever. That isn't to say we'll find out something at kickoff in Clemson, much to the consternation of the beat writers.
  • Injuries. As usual. A knee thing here pretty much equals a missed season.
Basically, there is nothing going on this spring that will likely change the way I feel about Georgia's season in the fall. Which is to say there is a lot up in the air about the defense, but I like our chances in all games because we are going to score some points. Seeing some defensive guys stand out on April 6th will help me start feeling better about the defense.

Of course, things can change, but that, and a chance to tailgate in April, is what I'm looking for out of GDay.



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