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March 29, 2013

Syracuse's 2-3 Zone

Syracuse bounced Indiana from the NCAA Tournament last night using that 2-3 zone Boeheim has been running since he graduated from elementary school.

We saw it up close and personal in 1996 when Boeheim's squad defeated Tubby Smith's Dawgs in Georgia's only Sweet Sixteen game other than the Final Four appearance. In 1996, the Dawgs had great guard play and were really competent at the inside-out game. We'd just become the sixth 8 seed to defeat a 1 seed in the second round by beating top seed Purdue.

Then we faced 4 seed Syracuse in the Sweet Sixteen. 'Cuse used the 2-3 to stifle the Dawgs in the first half, jumping to seven point halftime lead. Tubby made some terrific adjustments at the half to break down the zone and go on a 20-3 run and take a 10 point lead. Note that Crean didn't make that adjustment and hoped his team would adjust last night. They didn't. 'Cuse rallied back and tied it at the end of regulation.

In overtime, this happened:

Syracuse ended up losing the national championship game to Kentucky.


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RC said...

I've said ever since the moment it happened that I'd give John Wallace that same shot, unguarded, 10 more times and I bet he doesn't make it twice. Unfortunately he made it the one time he had to have it.

Tyler Dawgden said...

Yeah, I remember watching and thinking there is no way they are going to have him be the one to try and win it for them.

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