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March 12, 2013

The Johnson Plan

Maybe Georgia Tech is destined for the B1.5G.

Essentially, Paul Johnson would like to go old, old school and allow kids to sign anytime during their senior year. Of course, he wants to go new school and keep the 85/25 rule, but make it only 25 per year no matter your other numbers. Oh, and if you miss on a kid, you miss on a kid.

As he puts it
“Then it would put the onus on the better student-athletes doing it the right way. If (others) were good enough players and you wanted to take a chance on them not making it, you could take them but they would be one of your 25. You couldn’t go back and replace them when they didn’t make it.
So...if you are a school where there is higher learning, you are saying "y'all take those chances on those fast athletes. I'll happily not have to worry about some kid actually changing his mind on me later, no matter if we change our mind on the kid later." Or the coach changes. Hopefully, that won't happen for a while in Atlanta.



Anonymous said...

I actually like the 25 a year rule. Do away with the 85 limit, give each school a 25 limit each year. If a kid signs and fails to make the team (academic/legal) you lose that scholly for that year. Those that are lost can only be given to walkons who have been on the roster for at least a year. It doesn't roll over because your yearly limit will always be 25. And also allow an early signing period. In theory if there is no attrition a team could have 100 scholly players on its roster after 4 years.

Anonymous said...

I actually agree with Johnson on this issue.

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