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April 3, 2013

Atlanta Final Four Tickets and Ticket Packages

Georgia Sports Blog is an affiliate of, the official ticket broker and re-seller of Final Four tickets and packages.

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Yes, there are other avenues to find tickets, and maybe at better prices. This is the safest bet as Prime Sport is the official re-seller of the NCAA, meaning they have exclusive rights to the electronic tickets not being used by those that pre-ordered them. If you are interested in going, help a blogger out.

In fairness, you should check out what Andrew at Dude You Crazy had to say about the process. As of this morning, Prime Sports was up and running fine.


Anonymous said...

Dome basketball? No thanks.

Tyler Dawgden said...

Having been to the '96 Olympics and the Final Four, I'd disagree...depending on the dome and the teams. If Georgia played in the Final Four, I'd sit in the rafters at Jerry world to be there.

Anonymous said...

To each his own I guess. I've been to a number of games at the Georgia Dome over the years and most seats are too far from the court. I think it's terrible.

Now if Georgia played in the Final Four, you know I'd be trying to get tickets. But as a neutral fan, no way.

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