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April 19, 2013

Davin Bellamy: Rodney Garner sucks*

Davin Bellamy is clear about what happened with UGA originally: Rodney Garner stood him up.

The read on Bellamy is a good one, including some interesting comments about James Franklin, Butch Jones and Dabo Swinney.


*Obviously, he didn't say that or necessarily imply it. It does bear pointing out that part of the hubbub around Garner leaving had to do with differences in opinion between Grantham and Garner. I can't say it is true, but I can say that if the DC wants a player and the RC doesn't that can create some very not positive vibes among recruits, especially on that side of the ball. Ellis Johnson needs to keep that in mind, especially considering the sort order of the listing of the coaches in Auburn's website.


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