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April 22, 2013

Diamond Dogs Update: Drop two of three to Vandy; JT Phillips dismissed from the team

Hey, we won one, though. The game yesterday was a masterpiece of poor defense. We committed five errors in the 5-1 loss. I suppose there is some moral victory in only losing by four runs to the number 2 team in the country when you do that.

The bigger news is that Perno booted Freshman JT Phillips after his arrest on Friday night for DUI. We can presume this wasn't Phillips' first breach of something with the coach, as Perno was pretty direct about it:
“He’s not with us, that’s for sure,” Perno said. “Just the thought that the night before the biggest doubleheader of the season and he puts himself in a situation like that. He doesn’t care about this team or this program. He’s dismissed. ... That makes my decision easy. I think our kids couldn’t care less. They’re disappointed, too. It’s unfortunate. It’s probably why we’ve sputtered as much as we have because we’ve probably had some guys that haven’t been with us. They’re just front-runners and don’t have what it takes to be successful at this level. I hate it for J.T. But he made it too easy.”
Either that or the frustration of a tough season is taking it's toll.



JAXDAWG said...

For Perno, there's always the formal wear business. Get him the F out.

Anonymous said...

Perno hasn't done much right this season but he is 100 % right on this one. Absolutely absurd and the definition of selfishness for this kid to act like that the night before any game. The kids from Columbus were not capable of acting right and have embarrassed UGA enough! Good riddance!

Erik said...

Why do we apply a higher standard of excellence to our baseball program than we do our basketball program? I'm by no means a Perno apologist but the guy has taken us to 3 college world series in the last 9 years and more people want to fire him than want to fire Fox, who has done squat in 4 years. This makes no sense to me.

Maybe Perno does deserved to get canned. But if he does, then Fox definitely does.

Paul Westerdawg said...

Erik - Judging by the MLb draft Perno has talent and gets nothing out of it. He has been on a steady decline culminating in this dumpster fire. His contract has no more years on it. He's simply a guy that can't be renewed.

Fox has 3 years left. If KCP had stayed this was a tourney roster with a juco like Forte + KCP. So a strong case could be made to keep him until you knew what KCP was going to do.

Once he made up his mind, it was too late to fire him and get someone we would have wanted.

We were 3 weeks behind in our search. We would have wound up with a bum. I'm guessing he is gone next year without an NIT bid.

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