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April 12, 2013

"I quit counting at 10."

Does it surprise you that Tyrann Mathieu uttered that about the number of drug tests he failed?

I think the bigger question is raised about what was going on at LSU.
But 10 failed drugs tests? Should we be looking at what the heck was going on at LSU? 
"If he flunked 10 tests before they suspended him, it shows that he got no kind of help," the anonymous coach told USA Today.
Say what you will about the randomness of Georgia's testing policies and how tough the actual disciplinary approach is, at least the policies are applied consistently and with the idea of helping the players. If he failed ten tests, he probably should have been in counseling after the third, at a minimum. LSU's polices indicate a "15% of games" penalty for the second failed test and one year dismissal for the third.

Hey, we can bash Richt for losing control after a couple of failed tests. Does Miles get a pass for keeping a star eligible outside of the polcies? I realize the timing could be an issue, but I can't think he suddenly failed ten test the summer before his senior season.


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