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May 19, 2013

Mike Gundy is a man

Not much of one, though.

I get limiting a kid's options if you might have to face him. It is possible Gundy is worried about him by telling him no Tennessee. But Southern Miss? Really?

Oh, and look for Jamey Franklin to both throw his sucker in the dirt over this and point to it as further proof of New Vandy©.



Anonymous said...

There is a reason he is being blocked and he is doing it within the rules....stop crying

Tyler Dawgden said...

Not crying. Just pointing out that Gundy could have left the QB and 95 other players in the dust to go to Tennessee, but he limited the QB to schools that are much less likely to allow him the chance to go pro.

And I don't disagree it is within the rules, but that rarely sways me when there is a gross inequity involved. Not to mention, it isn't the best move for OSU, recruiting wise, either.

Anonymous said...

True, but it wasn't like Gundy forced the kid to leave, he chose to leave cause he couldn't win the starting job. He decided not to take the UT job and thats ultimately his choice, but he doesnt have to allow a kid to go to a school where there is a prior relationship

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