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May 14, 2013

Tennessee Schadenfreude: Non-Dooley/Kiffin edition

Trae Golden leaving UT's basketball program was only a minor shock. After all, players leave programs fairly regularly in hoops, especially when there are allegations of academic issues. Academic progress is an issue that you must face in programs, even at Georgia.

But the story just got juicy. Apparently the head of the student judiciary resigned instead of cooperating with the UT investigation got fired for not cooperating with an investigation. And there are allegations of 'improper relationships' with student-athletes. So, was Golden being kept eligible through the Student Judiciary while he played? How about others?

The only bad news (for Georgia's perspective) is that since UGA beat Tennessee twice this year in hoops [INSERT YOUR OWN JUST LIKE FOOTBALL JOKE HERE], we don't end up with a vacated loss from this season. The good news, beyond the possibility of yet another academic/program control issue in Knoxville, is the Internets haz comment threads and message boards. Like this one at Out Kick the Coverage. Delicious.



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