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June 4, 2013

MLB Draft is this week

Honestly, I haven't paid much attention to it, but we'll lose a couple of guys:

Kyle Farmer and Curt Powell - Farmer could be as high as fourth round. Powell won't likely be called until the 10 round or so. Both are seniors, but getting drafted that high means teams think they stand a pretty good shot at sticking around for a while.

Clint Frazier - Signee who is projected to be a top ten pick overall. No way he turns that money down.

Patrick Boling - A lefty, so he'll get drafted. Struggled with control at times. Definitely one of those guys that suffered from not having a pitching coach on staff.

Blake Dieterich - As a left handed pitcher, someone is going to bite on him. His number are ok, but he hurt his shoulder in mid-May. Not sure what that does to team's evaluation.

Brett Deloach - He'll get a bite, but it'll be late rounds. He's a senior, as well, so he's gone regardless. Probably needs to prove his bat is improvable and that his knees and arm can handle daily catching duties.

Dylan Cole - Not sure of his status, but he's eligible. He had good numbers this year, but didn't work much.

Luke Crumley - Eligible (Already 21 yo) and will get drafted somewhere. Can't imagine he'll leave as a sophomore, but you never know.

By my count, beyond the five seniors (Powell, Farmer, Deloach, Dieterich, and Brian Benzor), we could lose Boling and Cole. Frazier will definitely take the $5-6M guaranteed money. Connor Jones is the only other signee I think we stand any significant chance of losing, as he is a lefty with a very good fastball, something that is hard to find.

Is there anyone I am missing?



Anonymous said...

Any word yet on who has been drafted?

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