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June 5, 2013

Stricklin contract details; Perno calls him

$575,000 per year for six years. That $125,000 more than Perno.

Speaking of, Perno gave him a call:
“I don’t know if I’ve ever had a conversation that when I hung up, I was so touched by how gracious he was,” Stricklin said. “It’s a difficult situation that he’s had to go through and I understand that. He called me. He reached out to me and wanted to let me know that he is a Georgia Bulldog for life. He supports this program and he supports us. That meant a lot to me personally.”
All class, David. All class.



Anonymous said...

I said it when I thought he needed to go and I'll say it again, Perno is as much a Georgia Bulldog as anyone to have ever been in Athens. DGD!

Anonymous said...

Very classy indeed, Coach Perno. DGD

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