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July 20, 2013

ESPN College GameDay Location Predictions, Weeks 1-5

Sometimes you write a post just to use an awesome picture.
Until ESPN confirms sites, all of this is speculation. I have listed the all known networks and times and all times listed below are Eastern. If I didn't list a time and/or network, it is because I couldn't find information on it. As usual, the go to for information on college football broadcast times and networks is

I'll assume, unless it is just a really, really compelling match up (see Week 3), GameDay will be at a WWL broadcast game (ABC/ESPN) site.

Week 1 (August 31)
Prediction: Georgia at Clemson (8pm, ABC)
David Pollock as much as announced this in April. It is on the right network and will feature two teams that'll be top 10'ish. Look for Corso to wear a Tiger head.
Other Candidates: LSU vs. TCU at Jerry World (8pm, ESPN); Alabama vs. Va Tech at the Georgia Dome (4:30pm, ESPN)

Week 2 (September 7)
Prediction: Notre Dame at Michigan (7pm, ESPN)
They'll both be there Sept 7
It is the Big House, stupid. Honestly, there are only two games this week that come close to being big enough to host it and one of the teams will be involved in GameDay the week before. The only other game that would be close is Florida vs. Miami, which is a noon kickoff on ESPN
Other Candidates: South Carolina at Georgia (TBA) (only if they aren't in Clemson for the opening weekend)

Week 3 (September 14)
Prediction: Alabama at Texas A&M (3:30pm, CBS)
Current Heisman winner versus the reigning National Champion in College Station. 'Bama looking avenge their only loss of 2012. Pawwwwlllllll. Unless the '85 Bears play the '72 Dolphins on a sinking carrier leaking nuclear material while surrounded by sharknados, GameDay will go to College Station.
Other Candidates: No other reasonable candidates.

Week 4 (September 21)
Prediction: Utah at BYU (TBA)
A very weak week for college football. I almost took a flyer and predicted Columbia vs. Fordham, since NYC and all, or one of the HBCU matchups like Alabama A&M vs. Prairie View. However, The Holy War, as this game is known as in the Inter-mountain West, is a compelling match up of two teams, neither of whom will suck. I don't think you can say the same for the two SEC games listed below.
Other Candidates: Tennessee at Florida (TBA); Auburn at LSU (TBA)

Week 5 (September 28)
Prediction: Wisconsin at Ohio State (7pm, ABC/ESPN/ESPN2)
This week is a bit of a toss up. There aren't any rivalry games. The match-ups are very record dependent at this point in the season. I almost went with the Oklahoma State at West Virginia game here, and if the Mountaineers go on the road and beat Oklahoma, that'll happen. Otherwise, look for cheep beer and sweatshirts to rule the landscape in Columbus.
Other Candidates: Oklahoma at Notre Dame (NBC); LSU at Georgia (TBA); Oklahoma State at West Virginia (TBA); Stanford at Washington State (TBA)

I'll do weeks 6-10 and 11-15 later.


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