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July 3, 2013

Texas A&M is SEC to the core

If there was ever any doubt, merely look at the deliciousness that is a simple tomato growing out of the concrete in the stands at Kyle Field. Putting aside the obvious Mississippi State jokes about agriculture, the A&M fans have not disappointed.

Seriously, this is what hivemind is all about.

As a primer, check out the entire thread on Texas Ags. It runs the gambit of merely humorous to very dark. It includes a follow up picture of the tomato in the final throes of rotting, because that is what tomatoes growing in stadiums do. It includes some great dark humor and a very scary picture of Harvey Updyke. There is some flaming about respecting a 24 hour old tradition.

It has also inspired an entry on Wikipedia:
In July 2013, a tomato was captured on digital media growing out of the concrete on the 2nd level of Kyle Field. The tomato is said to have mythical powers, including giving the person who consumes the tomato all consuming coaching power.

He has to eat it, right?
Clearly, this is what Johnny Manziel would do with The Tomato.
Yell Leader tomato.
Well done Aggies. Much respect.

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