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August 30, 2013

3 Questions: Clemson

Well, we find ourselves some 245+ days since the Dawgs whipped snuck by Nebraska in Orlando. Getting this thing to three questions that wasn't a variation on number one was hard.
  1. Will our young DBs impact the game in a good way or bad way? We know they'll matter, but it really is a question of which team it benefits. While I could ask the same question of Clemson's DBs, I'm confident we'll be able to exploit them. Will they exploit us?
  2. Can we script plays allowing us to control the tempo of the game? We scored pretty quickly last year, but didn't have great time of possession. We actually ran plays more quickly than Clemson did, on average. The difference is they got off 20 more plays per game. If we run pretty equal numbers of plays, we win no matter the actual TOP.
  3. If we get into a shootout, do we keep our foot on the pedal? Man, we can't go all conservative with a lead, then expect to run the most expected plays in our book when we have to have a first down. Ask LSU how that works out. If we have stuff that is working, we have to keep doing it until they stop us or the officials turn off the lights. 
Overall, I'm trending optimistic. I know out offense is more dynamic and dangerous. I think our defenses are similar in that there are new guys in important places. I'm not too worried about the kicker, with the exception of kickoffs. We need to be in a place to just kick it out the back of the end zone and make them go 75 yards. 

I don't do actual scores, but my head and heart have us winning by 10 or so. What do you think?



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