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August 14, 2013

Basketball news in August

Today is a bit of big day for Georgia basketball.  First, Tadric Jackson, a four star shooting guard from Tift County is going to make a decision between Georgia, Ole Miss, and Georgia Tech. Georgia has offers out to a ton of guys, but there are really only two top flight shooting guards on the board we have legit shots at: Jackson and Aquinas' Ahmed Hill.  Hill has offers from a ton of schools, but is probably most interested in UNC and Duke, neither of which has offered him yet.

I could go on how being on Jackson's short list when he has offers from UF, Tennessee, Ohio State, UVA, Clemson, Bama, ect. is a good thing, and it is. But Jackson is the kind of player that can give your class some early cache. Getting him would send message to Georgia Stars and other AAU programs that Georgia is a program that is rising and to get in now while the getting is good. He is also the kind of player we have to routinely beat out Tech and other SEC teams for if we are going to take the program up a level or two.

Losing him to Tech or Ole Miss each offers different messages for different reasons. All the recruiting services have him a UGA lean, so that offers some hope that Coach Fox and his staff has turned a recruiting corner.



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