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August 22, 2013

CapitalOne Bowl Rewatch

I've had one more game in the DVR que that I haven't watched. I'll get to the best play from that game, in my mind, in a few days (hint: Chris Conley). Just a few thoughts:
  • The interception on the first drive was Murrays' worst of the season. He nearly pointed at the receiver, then under threw the pass without accounting for the deep cover help. Just not a well thought out play.
  • Nebraska did a good job keeping Murray off kilter with stunts, blitzes, and well timed interference. Still Murray didn't throw many really sharp balls until the second half.
  • That being said, the interception on the screen pass was a busted timing play. Marshall got tangled up and knocked down and the Nebraska guy just made a nice play on the ball.
  • Richt was in the officials' ears a fair amount. Didn't remember seeing that much.
  • The 75 yard TD play to King was under thrown. King did as much to complete that pass as Murray.
  • Let's see more of that Wild Dog, amirite?
  • Speaking of Conley, that 47 yard TD throw from Murray in the 3rd was such beautiful play. Murray froze the D with the pump fake, then put a perfect bomb in his receiver's hands. Just a glorious play.
  • The defense gave up a lot of untouched four+ yard runs.
  • The second half was more like what I wanted to see. 7pts, 182 yards allowed. Still a lot of rushing yards, though.
I'm also going to say one thing I've had rolling around in my head about last year's defense: I believe in Alec Ogletree's talent, but he sure looked out of place a bunch. I believe he is a great Georgia Bulldog. I believe he was relied on and didn't deliver at times. I've watched Florida, Alabama, and Nebraska in the past few weeks. I've watched the defense give up big plays in the middle of the field. I don't know what that means for this year, but it is out there. Ogleetree made some very big plays when we needed him to. He also was out of position or moving the wrong direction on so many plays that went for 20+ yards.

Not calling him out. In fact, I'd might say he was put in positions by the coaches that didn't allow him to make those plays. Now, that is something worth worrying about as we close on one week to Clemson. That, and Nebraska's ability to freeze everyone with the threat of Martinez running.


PS. I didn't intend for this to sound like a dark place post. Just was in a place to consider tempering my enthusiasm. This game did that, despite the win.


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