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August 3, 2013

Coaches' Poll

You can read all about it being released and Georgia's fifth spot in the poll plenty of places. What does that mean for bigger things?

Well, regretfully, the Coaches' Poll is part of the BCS formulation.  While I hate pre-season polls because inertia really grabs a hold of voters once those places are set, Georgia is in good shape.  High enough that if we take care of business, good things happen for us. Also, early season opponents are high enough that if we slip up against one of them, we still stand a shot at good things with a break or two.

Two teams in front of us will face one another (Oregon and Stanford). We'll presumably have to play one in the SECCG if we want those good things to happen for us. That leaves Ohio State as the only team in front of us that doesn't have to face anyone that could help us. Will their conference be so bad that it won't matter?

Someone asked the question about Louisville and the chances they go to the BCS Championship over a one loss B1.5G, SEC, XII, or Pac-12 team. It all depends on the loss and who those teams face. If the one loss SEC champions faces an undefeated or one loss SEC team on Dec 7th, no way. Strength of schedule will absolutely keep the Cardinals out. Same goes for a Pac-12 team. In the Big XII, if you have a one loss team that loss to another one loss team or other major conference champion (I'm looking at you TCU), they are probably fine. I think the B1.5G champion has some issues, but again it depends on who that loss is to and who they play in the B1.5G championship game.

Now, Notre Dame? Depends on how much last year's pantsing plays on the minds of voters. Although, I still see it being very hard to say they don't make it as an undefeated team over any one loss champion.



Sanford222view said...

I either read or heard an interview a month or two ago with an SEC Network exec that mentioned CBS would still have first selection for the 3:30pm slot for the remainder of that contract but that it would no longer have exclusive rights to that time slot meaning another SEC game could be aired during the same time on another channel. That may have changed since then though.

Bob said...

I don't agree about the PAC 12. If Oregon or Stanford....or for that matter, USC were to finish unbeaten, they would go over a one loss SEC team. PAC 12 schedules better from an OOC perspective than just about anyone and all these teams play at least 10 BCS level teams.

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