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August 17, 2013

Georgia ranked 5th in Pre-Season AP Poll

Press Release here. Full poll here. Bama is first, with 58 of 60 first place votes. Six SEC teams in the rankings (Bama, UGA, A&M, South Carolina, UF, LSU). Georgia and Ohio State each received one first place vote.

You can see how Seth Emerson voted here. I'll link to when they get the full report up. You can how folks voted here.

Can't argue with the top 5. I trust the AP poll more, probably. For one, it is transparent. For two, well see one.



ThePetis said...

Why does anyone talk about the AP poll anymore? Since it's not a part of the BCS formula, it doesn't seem to be relevant any longer....

TylerDawgden said...

Two reasons: Theoretically, they could name a different National Champion than the BCS crowns, although that is becoming less and less likely. Also, IF we are going to have pre-season polls, having one that all voters' polls are made publicly available is preferable to one that holds voters' ballots in secret.

Of course, this doesn't fix the problems associated with selection bias and prior placement bias.

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