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August 21, 2013

Paul Johnson, Genius

Looking over Heather Dinich's love fest of level headed look at Paul Johnson's brain, one thing struck me. They don't script plays. At all:
There aren’t many head coaches in the country who don’t have a script in hand on Saturdays or an offensive coordinator on staff. There’s no cheat sheet, though, for Johnson, who has been calling the plays as a head coach since 1997 when he was at Georgia Southern.
(h/t @bassindawg)
Yeah, so he's just making it up on the fly. I guess he really is the genius we've all been led to believe he is. It really is a compelling read, and she brings up some good points, including why Johnson doesn't feel the need to script plays. Georgia scheduling teams that run spread offenses the week before just might make Greg McGarity more of a genius, but I digress.

I couldn't tell if Dinich was trolling Tech fans with the Iowa defense reference or if she serious. However, Johnson is well aware of what we all know about his offense
“There is no magic way to line up to play our offense,” he said. “Good players who execute better than you are going to slow you down. If you’ve got a great defensive line and they can stop the inside part with three or four people, well you’re going to struggle because they’ll have you outnumbered as opposed to having them outnumbered.” 
If that is what folks have been raving about as genius, well, I've got some NSF money coming my way. Of course, that is also the crux of his problem, too. Someone, somewhere will always have better athletes on defense who can execute better than his offenses (see, Middle Tennessee State, 2012).

For the record, that was trolling Tech fans.



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