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August 6, 2013

The Knight Commission recomends Playoff money goes to the NCAA

The Knight Commission has some suggestions. Boy do they.

They stopped short of calling for a new football subdivision, but they do think it merits looking at.

Other goodies:
  • Placing independent directors on the NCAA board of directors. The worry is that too many times the current directors act in the best interests of their conferences or schools. Putting aside petty worries like fiduciary responsibilities, this is true.
  • The money from the CFB Playoff should be used pay the NCAA for some things like helping keep eligibility of players straight and research related to player health. That money should go to athlete support.
  • Revise revenue distribution to incentivize academic achievement. Think the APR, but more.
The most interesting language comes in on that second point. They discussed, but didn't reach consensus on, the NCAA managing "all aspects of the sport" instead of just some of it. You should read that as managing the playoffs, as well as bowls. They did agree that there is a benefit to the membership of the NCAA that he NCAA isn't being compensated for in those eligibility and player safety things.

The biggie comes in on the last paragraph of that point
The Commission concluded that the most practical first step toward addressing this complex relationship is to formally recognize the current financial support the NCAA structure provides to support FBS football. The NCAA national office should determine administrative and operational services used to support FBS football and the new College Football Playoff should reimburse the NCAA for these expenses. Since the reimbursed amount represents funds the NCAA membership would have otherwise received, a redistribution system should make certain that the amount is used to directly support athletes’ educational experiences instead of allowing the funds to be absorbed through additional national office operations.
So the devil in the details will be the meaning of "directly support athletes' educational experiences" means, right?


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