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August 28, 2013

UGA basketball schedule finalized

Not sure if they are trying to sneak it in, but I've gone over the SEC schedule. Now we know the OOC sched:

Nov. 8 vs. Wofford
Nov. 15 vs. Georgia Tech
Nov. 21 vs. Davidson (1st round, Charleston Classic @Charleston, S.C.) (5:00 p.m.) (ESPNU)
(Other 1st-Round Games: Nebraska vs. UMass, UAB vs. New Mexico, Temple vs. Clemson)
Nov. 22 at Charleston Classic 2nd round
Nov. 24 at Charleston Classic 3rd round
Nov. 29 vs. Appalachian State
Dec. 2 vs. Chattanooga
Dec. 14 vs. Lipscomb
Dec. 19 vs. Gardner-Webb
Dec. 21 vs. Western Carolina
Dec. 28 at Colorado
Jan. 3 at George Washington

Noting fancy here. Six very winnable games, with another three we could win. So our home schedule includes Wofford, Tech, Davidson, App State, Chattanooga, Lipscomb, Gardner-Webb, Western Carolina, Alabama, Arkansas, South Carolina, Vandy, LSU, Texas A&M, Ole Miss, Missouri, and Mississippi State. The only up side to that schedule is we don't have to go to North Dakota to see them.



Dallas F. Smith said...

All I could think of when I saw this was "HEY I WENT TO HIGH SCHOOL WITH THAT GUY!" His art looks awesome, period.

TylerDawgden said...

Pierce County represents. Maybe Quayvon Hicks will give Blackshear folks another reason to be proud this fall.

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