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August 1, 2013

Urban Meyer paints himself into a mighty tight corner

From ESPN:
Ohio State coach Urban Meyer says had running back Carlos Hyde been charged as a result of an assault investigation that was closed Tuesday, the top running back for the Buckeyes would have been dismissed from the team.
I'm all for coaches coming down on players if they are told they'll be in trouble for breaking team rules. In that regard, I support Meyer's position that Hyde was told to walk away from trouble by the coaching staff and the three game suspension is because he didn't do so.

But will that be the case going forward? I mean, very few players at Florida got suspended/kicked off the team for such things at UF when Meyer was there (cue Hernandez). Cam Newton had to steal and lie to get kicked out decide to transfer.

And how much does having Buffalo, San Diego State and California as the three games he's missing matter?

Like I said, that's a pretty tight corner to paint yourself into.


Robert Spidel said...

Never been a defender of corch, but in this case he can't win. Don't suspend and the weak discipline thing comes up again. Suspend for two long a stretch and folks will say it was in response to all the recent criticism.

The length sounds about right to me. And he cannot help that their first three games are cupcakes. Frankly, the bulk of their schedule is cupcake city so not sure how much it matters one way or another.

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