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September 27, 2013

3 Questions: LSU

  1. Can we slow down LSU's run game? Jeremy Hill can be a game changer. His performance against Auburn (25 rushes for 184 yards) was quite impressive. However, Auburn committed to stopping the run. Hill had 38 yards in the second half on 11 runs. There is no mistaking that little stat changed a 21-0 blow out to a 35-21 game that had LSU relying on the clock running out.
  2. Will we screw up something in special teams? We can't give up two special teams TDs and win this game. We can't give up long returns. We can't miss FGs. We can't botch punt snaps. We can't botch FG snaps. We can't miss recovering onside kick attempts. 
  3. Will our crowd make a difference? We've been in a couple of these games already this season. The closest LSU has been to that is the season opening game at Jerry World against TCU. TCU is a good team and the crowd was semi-pro TCU, but this is the first true test for Mett's ability to handle adversity, the LSU defense to adjust to a quick strike defense, and LSU's ability to deal with a loud road stadium. Georgia's had to do all of that is some shape or form this season already. 
I feel good about our chances tomorrow. We have to slow down their rushing game. If we make LSU put the game in the hands of Mett and LSU's passing game, we'll end up winning. If we can't, look for it to be like the Clemson game.


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