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September 20, 2013

3 Questions: North Texas

  1. How many carries will Gurley get? We know he can run. For that matter, we know Marshall can run. With any luck we'll see plenty of touches for Douglas, Green, and Harton.
  2. How many throws will Mason get? With the forecast, it'll be interesting to see what the offensive approach is. North Texas isn't a team to be taken lightly, but we should be able to out talent them. I'm not sure what that means for the defense(see Question 3), but for the offense, we need to be dynamic some to keep their defense off balance. Don't expect to see Mason until we have a 4 TD lead or the 4th quarter, whichever comes first. He'll definitely throw in his first two snaps, but if we have a big lead, he won't get too many more shots.
  3. Can this be a get right game for the defense? The coaches spent some time this week talking and looking at combinations of players at Mike and the safeties/CBs. While Wilson has been very strong on the run, he's looked out of place in pass coverage. Some of that necessarily is at the feet of the guys behind him (think communication, picking up guys on the release, and calling coverage). Some of that has to be blown coverage by Wilson. Wilson has clearly been our best run stop option in the middle, so don't expect him to get the hook. Look for Grantham to find ways to get all of those guys standing up on defense to work better together, even if that means different personnel groupings.
This projects, even with the rain, to be a 5 TD win. For me, I think it is more like a 21 point blowout, especially considering the rain. 



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