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September 19, 2013

A few nuggets from Bruce Feldman's time with Texas A&M

While I don't think there is anything particularly earth shattering about his article, there were a few nuggets I found very interesting.
  • Youth on defense. We've spent a lot of time hand wringing over Georgia's young defense, but one thing that kept coming back to me during the Alabama-TAMU game was how both defenses looked out of sorts. Admittedly, it is due to laziness, but I had no idea the Aggies' defense has more freshmen on their two deep than Georgia does. Let that sink in. That is on a defense that was 9th in the conference in total D last year. That leads me to the inevitable questions: Did the media/coaches think their offense was so much better that they'd just super outscore everyone and do you think Texas A&M would beat Clemson?
  • But seriously, they had way more suspensions than Georgia in their defense. Would this game be the game of the century if they'd played Clemson (or another quality opponent) in their season opener?
  • They looked at the Georgia loss to Clemson to get the Aggies to focus on the 'what if' question. I could make the argument that not playing in your conference championship game changes the math, but someone, somewhere would just tell me how much I hate America for not wanting an Alabama-Texas A&M rematch.
  • Texas A&M's offense is all about balance. Mike Bobo nods approvingly. 
  • Rick Ross at practice. Rick. Ross.
  • It might be for show (or this particular article), but the 'Sumlin hates Manziel' narrative gets killed pretty good.
  • Sumlin is a good coach. He is a far better leader.
Oh, and Sumlin is completely the anti-Saban, at least as far as approach goes. Can you imagine Saban allowing a reporter not named Finebaum sitting in His Staff Meetings?



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