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September 10, 2013

Chris Dimino has joined 680/TheFan

When he was fired by 790/The Zone over the Steve Gleason thing, I felt he was not treated fairly, given his on air reservations and silence during the bit. Now, despite 790 offering him his job back, he's joined The Fan, according to the AJC.

He has a nine-month non-compete, but he'll be doing off air work for The Fan. IMHO, he was the best guy The Zone had, from a hard news standpoint. With The Zone continuing to struggle, it'll be interesting to see if there is room for three all sport formats in Atlanta.



Extreme Lax said...

Good to hear it, I always like Dimino better than the others, especially for baseball coverage.

Also that jerk Cellini and Ring Leader Steak Shapiro were the guilty parties in that idiotic stunt.

Hopefully he'll take Ray's place on the 680 morning show - that dude is awful!

TylerDawgden said...

It wouldn't surprise me. His demo seems to be the morning folks, whom I think trend to the more hard news and analysis than later in the day.

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