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September 12, 2013

LSU kickoff time

While nothing is official about the game time, the week's schedule pretty much dictates the LSU game will be a 3:30 CBS kickoff. Here are the SEC games for the week, with my predicted network and kickoff time:

ESPNews/ESPN3/ESPNU12 p.m. ETSouth Alabama at Tennessee
SEC TV12:21 p.m. ETFlorida at Kentucky
CBS3:30 p.m. ETLSU at Georgia 
ESPNU/ESPNNews7 p.m. ETUAB at Vandy
ESPN2 or ESPNU7 p.m. ETTexas A&M at Arkansas
FSN7:30 p.m. ETArkansas State at Missouri
ESPN7:45 p.m. ETOle Miss at Alabama
ESPN/ESPN2 (Out of conference)???South Carolina at UCF

As you can see, the schedule falls together pretty easily. The only game that makes any sense for CBS is Georgia-LSU.
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TylerDawgden said...

I considered that, but I don't think CBS will pass on two top 10 teams.

braves said...

I was hoping the LSU game would be primetime. Primetime in Athens between two top ten teams is the makings of a very exiting Saturday night

David Wellons said...

CBS gets choice

braves said...

Yeah, just seems like thus game would be a perfect primetime slot

Robert Smith said...

3:30 is fine with me. Probably gonna be GameDay too.

Benjamin Currier said...

Nah, GameDay will choose either:

Wisconsin @ Ohio St.


Ole Miss @ BAMA, if CBS passes on this game. Yes, both BAMA & UGA will have been featured teams on GameDay at that point, but they'll wanna feature the game on ESPN/ABC, as well as Tuscaloosa (having not been there yet this year), and the #1 team at the point (pending BAMA takes care of business against TAMU this week).

Sean C Fagan said...

Gameday is considering LSU @ UGA, Ole Miss @ Bama, Wisc @ OSU, and OU @ ND. I think Gameday will pass on us since if we are the CBS game. Even though they are in College Station this week, I doubt they would place Gameday at a site where they will not broadcast the game 2 weeks of 3. I agree with Benjamin that they will be in Columbus especially if Wisc & OSU are both undefeated. Herbstreit will call that game that night. However ... if OSU loses to Cal AND Ole Miss vs Bama is an undefeated match up, I could see ESPN pulling an end run. Put Musburger & Herbstreit on ESPN for Ole Miss/Bama, switch Nessler & Blackledge to Wisc/OSU then put Gameday in Tuscaloosa.

TylerDawgden said...

I'm sticking with my prediction of Wiscy v. tOSU:

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