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September 30, 2013

Missouri Game kickoff and network set

The SEC has released the schedule for October 12th. The Dawgs will take on Missouri at noon in ESPN's national game.

With UF at LSU a near mortal lock for the CBS game, I figured ESPN would be choosing which game between us and Texas A&M at Ole Miss would be the noon national game. Unfortunately, they came up with that game for the 8:30 kickoff on ESPN.

Full weekend SEC schedule:

ESPN12 p.m. ETMissouri at Georgia
SEC TV12:21 p.m. ETSouth Carolina at Arkansas
PPV2 p.m. ETWestern Carolina at Auburn
CBS3:30 p.m. ETFlorida at LSU
ESPN27 p.m. ETAlabama at Kentucky
FSN7:30 p.m. ETBowling Green at Mississippi State
ESPN8:30 p.m. ETTexas A&M at Ole Miss



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