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September 29, 2013

Saturday was Best Football Day

Yesterday was a perfect storm of awesome. Beautiful weather. Great crowd. Terrific tailgate atmosphere. When I got to campus about 6:30, there were people lined up like they were giving away booze. Crazy. I'll have more on the crowd later, but mad props to the students for showing up way early and leading the stadium's atmosphere.

I had friends trying to get tickets that said the price never fell below $150, if you could find anyone with tickets for sale. That was after kickoff. Just a nuts market. As hard as the 2008 Alabama game, at least.

Also, to my LSU bros, thanks for keeping your crap together. The LSU invitees at our tailgate were gracious, fun, and most importantly, didn't smell of corn dogs. No one got out of line, even at the game. Besides their attempts to infect our food and set up with LSU themed items, they were as fun and friendly as you could hope. I hate that I had to throw away all those paper towels, the food, and cups, but I did give you fair warning that was going to happen if you put that crap on my table.



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